Let me take the heavy lifting off your shoulders of knowing your numbers, so you can focus on serving your clients, spending time with your family, & having clarity in your profits!

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Hi, I'm Megan Hopper. 

I'm a military spouse who is blessed with 3 awesome kids. I enjoy working out, playing softball, and watching the Seahawks play. I grew up in Washington state but sunshine and palm trees is where I prefer to be. I started my journey towards bookkeeping in 2015. I have always loved math and numbers are what make the most sense to me. My goal is to help business owners be able to focus on your passion by freeing up time from keeping track of your expenses and income. It is key to know your numbers to be able to know how to move forward in your business.

Here's how I can help you!

Monthly bookkeeping support starting at $350/month.

Save You Time

Providing accurate financial information and taking care of time-consuming tasks, I free up your time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Better prepared for tax season

Giving you the confidence you need in knowing that your financial information is organized and ready for tax season, which can save you time and stress.

Focus on your passion

Handling tasks such as preparing reports, managing payroll, and staying on top of tax deadlines, I can free up your mental energy to focus on your business or passion, so that you can excel.
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Professional Bookkeeping Services Are Your Key To Success 

Messy financial records and uncertainty because you don't know where to start are burdens that no business owner should have to deal with, though, too often they try and end up not knowing their numbers. 

The value of monthly bookkeeping goes beyond the report. You'll have:

A bookkeeper on your team who believes in you and wants to see you succeed

A clear vision of your profits to know what your next big investment can be, or to be able to treat yourself, or even pay yourself. 

Confidence in your offers and the income they're providing you. 

It may seem expensive, but what is the cost in not knowing your numbers? 

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Number's are better in pairs, but for those who like to DIY, the store is for you.

Tackle your bookkeeping needs with Numbers DIY templates. 

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A community for bookkeepers and accountants of all levels of experience to connect, learn, and grow.

Whether you are just starting out in your career or you're a seasoned professional, for just $47/mo, Numbers Corner has something for you.

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These clients learned the value of Numbers once they had theirs under control.


"Megan is very detailed about every aspect of her job. She is always willing to go above and beyond to meet my needs. She cares about her customers success and that's what makes her different. Megan is always creating new ways to make me more organized and helping take the numbers part off my plate so I can focus on what I enjoy doing. If you're thinking of starting your own business or already do then I highly recommend hiring Megan to help you stay on top of the numbers for you!"

- Kayla P.
"Megan has taken care of my real estate business for several years now. She is very professional but also pleasant to deal with. Megan is meticulous about her work and really knows her business. It has been so wonderful to be able to send her envelopes full of receipts with a few notes and she makes sense of it all. She always has an updated spreadsheet available so I can really see the profit & loss of my business. Thank you, Megan!"


- Roxanne J.

"Highly recommend Numbers By Megan! She is extremely knowledgeable in her field of work. She truly understands how businesses as a whole operate so she provides you insight you would not otherwise receive. All around great person to work with!"

- Brodie, Marketing Specialist
"Working with Megan has been a major blessing for me and my business. I have been able to remove the bookkeeping hat and delegate it to her with complete trust. I am now able to spend more time with my clients which has increased my efficiency and allowed me to take on more clients. She is extremely quick. I highly recommend her to other business owners who want to spend more time on their craft rather than focusing on the bank end management."
- Josh K., Registered Dietician 
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If you're not ready to hand over your books, but need some help, I've created some free resources to help you along the way.